Safe and Professional Tree and Stump Removal

Turn to SkyView Tree Experts for safe tree removal in Winchester, VA and Augusta, WV

Although we would rather preserve your trees, we know there are instances when removal is the best alternative.  Tree removal is the most hazardous part of arboriculture, but we execute them safely and professionally.

Tree removal is required to eliminate dead/dying trees and trees that have become a hazard to its surroundings.  Trees can also be removed for other reasons like confined space near houses, too close to utility lines or poor conditions.

We specialize in hazardous tree removal with the use of a crane.

We provide thorough clean-up of debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation.


During the removal process, the stump is cut as close to the ground as possible. Stump Removal can be provided, if needed/wanted. We use a stump grinding machine to do this. Using a professional is the safest way to remove unwanted stumps. 

Contact us at 540-931-5622 to schedule tree removal or stump grinding services in Winchester VA and Augusta WV. 

We serve clients in:

We serve clients in:

  • Winchester, VA 
  • Frederick County, VA 
  • Clarke County, VA 
  • Shenandoah Valley, VA 
  • Loudoun County, VA 
  • Augusta, WV
  • Eastern Panhandle, WV
  • Allegany County, MD 
  • Garrett County, MD 
  • Washington County, MD 
  • Frederick County, MD 

You can count on SkyView Tree Experts to remove your trees safely and professionally.