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Lightning Protection

Every year, thousands of trees get struck by lightning.  This not only poses a risk to the tree, but also its surroundings.  Often trees are located in close proximity to structures, including residences.  Minimize the risk of damage from a strike with the installation of a lightning protection system by a professional.  Lightning protection is the installation of copper conductors to a ground rod to reduce damage to the tree and conduct the electrical charge to the ground where the energy is dispersed. 

 SkyView Tree Experts installs lightning protection in accordance with ANSI A300 standards (American National Standards Institute), which were adopted by TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association).  While lightning strikes are unpredictable, and protection cannot be guaranteed, this system is effective and affordable under these standards.

Lightning Protection systems should be inspected annually by a professional.  They require servicing periodically to accommodate the growth of the tree.

Root Care

Use of an air tool known as an Air Spade® to loosen soil compaction without damaging roots and to root prune. Root pruning can be done to allow for construction or to contain the root zone. Air Spade® can also be used for Root Collar Excavation. When trees are planted at the wrong depth, or when the root collar is buried over time due to excess mulch (volcano mulching) or soil around the tree, this can cause stem girdling roots (which constrict natural root flare and tree trunk). A Root Collar Excavation is performed to expose and identify the root collar, and to look for stem girdling roots.